Overpronation is a problem that is supposed to affect the foot in runners and cause injury or not. A study came out that apparently showed it didn’t. There was a press release that came out with the study that over-hyped what they found. So many running websites parroted the press release and the myth of overpronation. No one stopped to notice that there was another study the same week that showed the opposite result and talk about that. On one stopped to mention that the meta-analyses and systematic reviews of all the studies still show it is a risk factor. When I say no one stopped, there a couple of sites that did, but that was all. None of those who parroted the press release have retracted what they wrote or apologized now that we have a more sensible interpretation of the research and that it did not actually show what was in the press release. When will we learn about press releases and medical news. Oh, the absurdity!

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