Plantar fasciitis (or often called heel spurs) is really common. It is the most common musculoskeletal problem of the foot. Everywhere you go on the web, there are snake oil approaches advocated for it from so many people who I am convinced have only just learnt how to spell ‘plantar fasciitis‘ let alone have any expertise in it. As it is so common, there is a lot of money to be made and there are plenty of ‘secret’ $19.95 eBooks and programs with the secrets that ‘doctors don’t even know about’! Give me a freakin break!

Plantar fasciitis occur when there is too much load in the plantar fascia which is a long ligament that hold up the arch of the foot. What is the ‘secret’ to treating it – all you have to do is reduce that load! You stretch; you use the right foot orthotics; you modify your activity levels; and you loose weight. If that does not start to help, you then start doing things to help the tissue heal. Then you progressively increase the load on the foot so that it can adapt. No secret or snake oil in that. Its all supported by the evidence.

There are so many quacks, most with no health professional training or experience hawking all sorts of snake oil for plantar fasciitis, its is difficult to know what to stay away from. You need to use your best judgement, but generally if the product is being hawked with testimonials, then that is the first red flag.

Plantar fasciitis is easy to manage. Its not complicated. there are no secrets. Don’t fall for the snake oil. There is plenty of good advice online that is not made up marketing hype.

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