I not sure who is more absurd here. The toning shoes are shoes that are deliberately made unstable so you have to work a lot harder when using them, giving you an alleged “tone up”. The have rocker or wobble features in the soles to achieve this. Common brand names include Skechers, Reebok and MBT. They were very popular a few years ago, being endorsed by celebrities and appearing on a lot of late night television advertisements. The manufacturers made a lot of claims for these shoes from curing cellulite to low back problems.

Where does the absurdity come in:

1. A number of the manufacturers are being sued and class actions and have had to settle with the Federal Trade Commission. They got busted as there was no evidence to back up the absurd claims that they were making for the shoes!

2. On the other side of the coin are the absurd consumers who are suing them because they had accidents in the shoes. Well, if a shoe is made unstable, of course you are more likely to have ab accident! What were they expecting.

These shoes do still have some uses to treat a number of clinical problems, so probably do not necessarily deserve the ‘snake oil’ tag that some gave them. More research and more experience with them is need to take away the absurdity that has surrounded the history of toning shoes.

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